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Pfeiffer Law Offices, P.C.
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Practice Areas

Our law firm provides affordable, high-quality legal representation as regular and local counsel in the following areas of practice throughout the Counties of DuPage, Cook, Will, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Kendall:

CIVIL LITIGATION                                                         CORPORATE AND BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS

Federal and State Trial Court Proceedings                    Business Entity Formation
        Actions at Law (Legal Claims)                                              Corporations (Profit & Not-for-Profit)
        Actions in Equity (Chancery Claims)                                      Limited Liability Companies
Federal and State Appeals                                                      
Alternative Dispute Resolution                                     Corporate Governance and Operations

    Annual Reporting
        Mediation                                                                            Annual and Special Meetings
Business Lawsuits                                                                     Bylaws / Operating Agreements
        Commercial / Contract Disputes                                           Registered Agent Services
        Shareholder / Partner Disputes                                     Mergers and Acquisitions    
        Restrictive Covenants                                                   Joint Ventures
        Injunctions / Restraining Orders                                    Business Windup and Dissolution       
        Violations of Fiduciary Duty                                          
Federal and State Taxation
        Interference with Existing Business                             Contract Negotiation and Structuring

        Interference with Prospective Business                          Financing Negotiation and Structuring
Debtor-Creditor Relations                                             Employment Matters
       Personal Bankruptcy (Creditor or Debtor)                              Employment Contracts        
        Business Bankruptcy (Creditor or Debtor)                              Employee Benefits
        Debt Consolidation / Workout                                               Handbooks and Manuals
        Forbearance Agreements                                                      Employment Practices Audits
        Mortgage Foreclosure (Creditor or Debtor)                    Regulatory Compliance
        Guaranty Enforcement
Real Estate Disputes
        Declaratory Judgments                                                ESTATE PLANNING AND
        Specific Performance                                                       WEALTH MANAGEMENT
        Mechanics Liens (Owner or Contractor)
Mortgage Foreclosure (Creditor or Debtor)                     Wills and Trusts
    Probate and Trust Administration
        Adverse Possession                                                        Powers of Attorney        
        Trespass                                                                       Asset Protection
        Breach of Contract (Sale / Purchase / Lease)                 Business Succession Planning
Employment Matters                                                         Estate and Gift Tax
        IDES Hearings (Employer or Employee)                          Guardianships
        IDOL Hearings (Employer or Employee)                          Charitable Giving
        Appeals of Administrative Hearings                            
        Fiduciary Duty Claims                                                              
        Non-Compete Agreements                                            REAL ESTATE 
        Claims for Unpaid Wages and Compensation                     
        Claims under Sales Representative Act                          Commercial Transactions
Intellectual Property Matters                                                  Purchases / Sales
        Trade Secrets Misappropriation                                            New Construction / Development
        Trademark Infringement  / Dilution                                     Rehabilitation / Renovation
        Copyright Violations                                                            Leasing

        Cybersquatting                                                                    Financing
Franchise Disputes                                                              Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Probate and Trust Matters                                            Condominium Properties    
        Will Contests                                                                      Purchases / Sales
        Trust Contests                                                                    Association Governance
        Fiduciary Liability Claims                                                    Association Litigation

        Petitions to Remove Executor / Trustee                        Residential Transactions
        Guardianships                                                                    Purchases / Sales
        Demands for Accountings                                                   New Construction / Development
        Declaratory Judgment                                                        Rehabilitation / Renovation
        Elder / Dependent Adult Abuse                                          Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Pfeiffer Law Offices, P.C., also provides referrals to other law firms, lawyers, and professionals in other areas of practice such as:

                                    Personal Injury                            Criminal Defense

                                    Workers Compensation                Accounting and Tax Matters

Call or e-mail Pfeiffer Law Offices, P.C., any time, day or night, to discuss any legal issues you may have.  We'll be happy to assist you.

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